Creating a future space to explore the past

The Heritage Hub
People ooutdoors examining an archelogical dig site,, there is a background it is a map of Edinburgh showing the location of the new Heritage Hub

Our new home – our Heritage Hub

We’re the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland and we’re making plans to open Scotland’s Heritage Hub, a new meeting place for people, ideas and cultural heritage.

We’ll be refurbishing a historic building in the heart of Edinburgh, acting as the Society’s new home and as a public space for everyone to explore Scotland’s heritage.

As you can imagine, we have lots of ideas for the new building but we want to hear yours too. In order for everyone to have the opportunity to visit the Hub in the future – in person or online – we need to design it correctly from the beginning. You’re invited to be part of the design team to ensure we get it right.

Who can get involved?

Anyone can get involved

  • Maybe you like historical fiction or love those TV documentaries about the Romans
  • Or maybe you are a keen member of a local heritage society
  • Or you like to tell stories behind objects in your home or the local street names
  • Or you’re already a Society Fellow
  • Maybe you visit museums with the kids

We welcome everyone’s views and ideas. It’s how we’ll shape the Heritage Hub together.

People ooutdoors examining an archelogical dig site, a pregnant mother with daughter are in the foreground
Two womed, one is digging with a spade the other is in a wheelchair, she is holding a hot snack, she is holding her pregnant belly

Why get involved?

You can help us to plan how the building will work and what it could offer. We’ll be asking questions such as:

  • What cultural heritage is important to you? (such as recipes, songs, festivals, places & traditions)
  • What events would you like to come to? 
  • Which stories of the past would you like to hear? From whose point of view?
  • What would make it possible for you to visit, to learn and contribute? What would stop you? 
  • What would make the best learning, participation and volunteering opportunities?

We’re not holding a consultation, this is a unique opportunity to get involved in creating an inclusive space, from the beginning.

How can I get involved?

You can choose. Over the coming months we’ll be hosting an in-person events in Edinburgh as well as online workshops. If you would rather send in a story or idea or ask a question, you can do so. If you’re a member of a local group and you would like to host your own discussion and share the ideas and questions, we can support you to do so.

Our project is taking place in three parts and there will be opportunities to take part in any or all of them.

In these workshops, we’ll be considering ‘everyday’ things from Scotland’s past that surround us – place names, music, recipes, family traditions, festivals, knitting patterns. We all have stories, memories and objects that are linked to the past.

Update: we’ve had those discussions and we’ll share what we’re learning soon…

There will be opportunties to get involved in our next phase.

During May and June we’ll be digesting what we’ve learned and checking back with you to make sure that we have captured your thoughts and ideas.

We are planning to hold an online meeting to share this and you will be welcome to join us. Date to be announced.

Hand holding bones

During June we’ll be coming together to design an event that shares your ideas and imaginations for a Hub that will work for everyone.

We are planning to hold this as an online event, designed with those who would like to be involved. Date to be announced.

Hand holding rugby ball

Would you like to share a story or ask a question?

We would love to hear your stories – how do you experience Scotland’s heritage? 
How would you like to learn about Scotland’s past?